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About 300 competitors from six countries has decided to take a particitation in International Tournamet Presidents Cup in Sieradz. The place of the competition was gym hall in School nr 10. Main judge was shihan Andre Drewniak. First time this tournament has assembled so big group of participants from so many countries. On tatami we could see competitors from Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia, Ukraina  and Poland, including the champions of the Europe. - I am very satisfacted with so great interesting of our tournament. Almost 300 participants has given a confirmation, that tournament in our city it is a real trade mark in the world of Kyokushin. - say Robert Wajgelt, a head of the Kyokushin Club from Sieradz and main promoter of championships and which has preparated for the karateka diploms, medals and others awards. We must to emphasize on fact. That from Russia cam to Poland a big and strong team of 21 fighters. - It is a great tournament. I am personally in Sieradz 3-th time, an I am sure bring to my country a lot of very good impressions. In Russia Kyokushin is a very popular style - we have clubs in a lot of cities - punctuated Witalij from Baltijsk.

Sensei Wajgelt invited all karateka just now to the next tournament in the 2015 Year!



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On 17-20 July 2014 at the premises of the University of Physical Education in Krakow was held the 41st East European Kyokushin Summer Camp in which took part about 240 participants from the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Japan, Moldavia, Poland, Russia, Spain and Ukraine. Training sessions were delivered by European Kyokushin Federation  President shihan Antonio Pinero (8 dan) and Country Representative of Japan shihan Noriyuki Tanaka (6 dan). Training sessions were held four times a day according to a training program prepared by shihan Andre Drewniak (8 dan) aimed at giving supplementary training to branch representatives and instructors. Shihan Andrzej Krawontka and shihan Zdzislaw Niedzwiedz also helped run the training sessions.
On 17 July President Antonio Pinero held a Meeting with representatives of the countries participating in the camp. They discussed perspectives for further development and cooperation with Japan, with particular emphasis on participation in the first KWF World Championship in Tokyo on 3 November as well as seminar and exams in Mitsumine on 4-5 November 2014.
On 18 July branch representatives participated in a Meeting held by President Antonio Pinero to discuss the current situation in the KWF in terms of further dynamic development in Europe and worldwide as well as closer cooperation with other organizations. Particular emphasis was placed on helping Polish clubs to delegate 15-20 most successful fighters to the World Championship and 30-35 participants to the seminar in Mitsumine. President of Polish Karate Federation, sensei Maciej Sokołowski, took on an obligation to coordinate the purchase of plane tickets. In compliance with the many years'- tradition shihan Andre Drewniak took the special night training since the hour 2 to 4 a.m.
On 19 July was held a 4-hour exam on kyu and dan and afterwards, in the late evening, was organized a traditional Sayonara party and cabaret competition. The first prize was given by shihan Antonio Pinero to the team consisting of camp groups number 7, 8 and 9. Krakow Team, coordinated by sensei Michal Werner, organized a performance of the European Champion in dance, music was provided by a DJ - karateka from Katowice.
On 20 July all the participants took part in a 90-minute kumite and photo session during which they were awarded certificates for kyu and dan. The following participants successfully completed the exam for 5th dan and earned the title of shihan: Henryk Orzechowski (Poland), Sergey Soldatov (Russia), Krzysztof Dubiel (Poland), Anatoliy Fazliev (Russia) and Robert Kern (Hungary). Eliasz Madej (Poland), Mirosław Guzik (Poland), Radik Bilalutdinov (Russia) and Andrzej Kłujszo (Poland) passed the exam for the 4th dan, and for the 3rd dan: Radosław Ambroziak, Dorota Kasinska, Zbigniew Palinski, Arkadiusz Sukiennik, Cezary Banasiak and Paweł Sujka (all from Poland). Thanks to the participation of authorized representatives exam results have been approved by the Kyokushin World Federation and Polish Karate Federation. At the end each participant received a commemorative certificate of participation, artistic key ring made by Zbigniew Kaszycki and 2 poster calendars with a family picture.
The organizer of the camp was Polish Kyokushin Federation. We invite you to participate in the 42. East European Summer Camp on 16-19 July 2015.


Shihan Pinero


Shihan Tanaka




Souvenir photos



On July 10th - 13th The 47th European Summer Camp was held in Papendal, Holland. There were about 125 participants from France, Holland, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Turkey.
Special guests were shihan Andre Drewniak from Poland and shihan Bertrand Kron from France. According to plan every day took place 4-5 trainings (including the night training) under supervision of shihan Loek Hollander.
Organizer of the camp was Dutch Kyokushin Organisation. 



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The Norwegian Summer camp is over. The camp was from June 25 to June 29.

The camp was held at Moi close to Stavanger on the South West part of Norway.

208 participants attended the camp. That means that we were fully booked and could not allow the last comers to attend.

Shihan Antonio Pinero was our guest instructor. And as usual Shihan Antonio was a library of good ideas and excellent instructor. He is very well liked by everyone at the camp.

Totally we were 14 instructors and we taught much kumite and kata. In addition classes of knife combat and Dim Mak ( Death Point striking, self-defense  and bunkai.

A little training in the lake was appreciated. The water is seldom warm in this lake!

The weather was warm and nice, the best for years.

The participants were full of smile and Great Spirit and promised to return next year.

We got 9 new Dan grades.

I doubt that we can make a better camp next year!!Shihan Lars Hogquist was the leader of the camp.






9-10 of May 2014 took place in Volos the 28.European Kyokushin Championship with the participation 368 competitors from 21 countries.

The official opening of championships was made by the Health Minister and the President EKF Antonio Pinero.

In the first day of the  championship took place kumite and kata of juniors and kata of seniors.

Competition preceded the International referee seminar with the participation of 46 national judges. Main judge was shihan Antonio Pinero.

In the evening The General Meeting EKF took place where was evaluated the four years'- term of office and was introduced program for the next 4 years.

Country Representatives chose the three-person composition of the Board EKF:

the President Antonio Pinero, the General Secretary Andre Drewniak and the Treasurer Lars Hogquist.

On the second day kumite of seniors and oldboys took place.

The Championship was  finished by solemn Sayonara.

Organizer of championship was Greek Kyokushin Federation led by sensei Kyriaki Stefanou 3 dan.



Opening ceremony

Kata, juniors & oldboys kumite

Seniors kumite

Award ceremony






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